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What to Do if Your Dog Won't Eat Its Dog Food

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There are many reasons why you might purchase the brand of dog food that you generally buy. It might provide you with the best deal financially, or it could have come highly recommended by your pet's veterinarian. You might have even done your research to determine that the dog food that you purchase has the best possible ingredients for your furry friend's health. Regardless, you could be unsure of what to do if your canine won't eat its dog food.

Luckily, you don't have to toss out the food right away. Instead, try these tips for encouraging your canine companion to eat the dog food that you have purchased for it.

Mix it With an Old Brand

In some cases, dogs have a tough time getting used to eating something different than what they normally eat. If you still have some of your dog's old food, consider mixing half of it with the new brand. Each time that you feed your dog, you can use less and less of the old food and more and more of the new type. Not only will this help encourage your dog to give it a try, but it can also help its stomach get adjusted to the new diet.

Soften it Up

Some dogs have a difficult time eating their dog food because it is too hard for their teeth or too large for their small mouths. If you think that this could be the source of the problem, consider moistening the food with warm water or a little bit of chicken or beef broth. Allow the food to soak until it gets soft, and serve it as-is or after smashing it with a fork. You could find that the only reason why your dog won't eat its food is that it is too large or too hard.

Add a Little Flavour

Just like people, dogs have different tastes when it comes to their favourite things to eat. Your dog might not be happy with the flavour of its food, so try adding a little bit to it. For example, you can mix a little bit of leftover gravy from dinner with the food, or you can mix in dog gravy (which can be found in many places where dog food is sold) or canned food. This is a good way to add additional flavour to a food that your dog doesn't like while still allowing your pet to eat a diet of mostly dog food.

Dealing with a picky pooch can be tough. If you're having a hard time convincing your dog to eat its food, consider these simple yet effective tips. If you do, your pet is sure to be eating its dog food, from stores like Geelong Farm Supplies, in no time.