Agriculture: Expansion, Efficiency and Extra Earnings

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Australian Bores: 4 Ways To Ensure The Sustainability Of Your Water Bores

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The preferred Australian method of water drilling through a company like Milne Water Drilling utilizes bores to achieve access to groundwater.  The longevity of bore life can impact a company’s return on investment.  Since water drilling for groundwater is the preferred method, it is important to understand how to achieve sustainable water bores. According to recent industry reports, “Groundwater has often been preferred over surface water for use in homes and industry because it is relatively inexpensive to develop and treat, it contains no sediment, its chemical quality remains constant, and facilities to develop it can be situated on small plots of ground. Read More»

What to Do if Your Dog Won't Eat Its Dog Food

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There are many reasons why you might purchase the brand of dog food that you generally buy. It might provide you with the best deal financially, or it could have come highly recommended by your pet’s veterinarian. You might have even done your research to determine that the dog food that you purchase has the best possible ingredients for your furry friend’s health. Regardless, you could be unsure of what to do if your canine won’t eat its dog food. Read More»

The Benefits and Drawbacks of Zero Turn Mowers

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If you own a farm or you’re tasked with taking care of a large field or lawn, your mower is the lifeblood of keeping a well-maintained landscape. But over the last few years, a new development has changed the mowing process. This development is the zero turn mower, a riding mower that’s built in such a way that you can cut tight corners without ever having to use a trimmer. Zero turn mowers have wheels that can rotate 360-degrees and move independently of each other, which means the days of cutting in straight lines are over. Read More»