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Australian Bores: 4 Ways To Ensure The Sustainability Of Your Water Bores

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The preferred Australian method of water drilling through a company like Milne Water Drilling utilizes bores to achieve access to groundwater.  The longevity of bore life can impact a company's return on investment.  Since water drilling for groundwater is the preferred method, it is important to understand how to achieve sustainable water bores.

According to recent industry reports, "Groundwater has often been preferred over surface water for use in homes and industry because it is relatively inexpensive to develop and treat, it contains no sediment, its chemical quality remains constant, and facilities to develop it can be situated on small plots of ground."  The conveniences of groundwater show that water bores will likely remain an asset to the water drilling industry in the future.  

Here are ways to maximize your initial investment in bores:

1.  Be familiar with your local drilling laws.

Each territory and state in Austria has their own set of laws for water drilling.  Most of these laws are to ensure environmental protection of the local water supply.  Therefore, you do not want to pour your initial investment capital into a product that is not approved.  Even if you choose the right type of bore to achieve access to ground water, you might not be able to use the bore if you do not have the right permits in place.  The Northern Territory Water Act provides information about the requirements of each territory.  

2.  Aquifer Protection

If you use your chosen water bore without knowledge of a nearby aquifer, then water pressure and groundwater can become depleted.  Regulatory acts could then require the elimination of your water bore all together!  To ensure the longevity of your water bore, do your research.  Water aquifers can intersect with water bores, but water waste is easily avoided with options like multiple aquifers.  

3.  Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring and reporting the water quality of your drilling can ensure sustainability.  This is because you and your company would be the first to know if there was an environmental concern that could be fixed expeditiously.  Your investment in a monitoring bore could be well worth your initial investment.  According to the Minimum Constuction Requirements for Water Bores in Australia, monitoring bores are offer the following benefits:

- Observe water levels

- Observe water quality

- Intersect and monitor contaminants such as hydrocarbons, coliforms, pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

4.  Geography is your best friend.

Know the lay of the land.  If you can anticipate future bore damage from sand from gravel, then you can choose the correct type of drilling method for ground water in your area.  The National Uniform Drillers Licensing Committee published a table depicting drilling methods and their applications.  If you are a first-time water driller, this information can save you quite a bit of money in the long run.  If you know the type of bore that can withstand rough terrain, your bore will last longer.

Since the water drilling industry is globally on the rise, this information can ensure that you can keep up with the industry growth in the long-run.